Latest work: Calmechanic

Calmechanic for automated tasks; for busy freelancers

So little done on THIS site for a while, as I’ve been in quarantine working on
Not much to look at really, but the power is all behind the scenes. If you work in live sports production, are a freelancer; and have some pesky stuff to keep track of for invoicing then head over and sign up. is built to be your virtual “personal assistant” that keeps track of your schedule, expenses, and invoice data.

The old way:

As each day passes, jobs come and go. Each job has a job number, location, date, etc. When you’re on a day when you have a job, you would make an invoice with some items like your job with rate, any per-diem, travel days, or overtime. You also have some expenses such as a ride (uber or lyft), rental cars, gas, supplies, etc. As you incur expenses, you either need to write that job number on the receipt IMMEDIATELY, or what I did; just stuff it in your backpack. A few days later when you’re home its time to write up the invoice. Looking up that date/ job and jot down the job number. Then sort out all the receipts, note which date they were on, and pair that to the job number; and enter it in your invoice or other expense app. Once that is all sorted out, you can hopefully remember when you had overtime or not, if you left town where did you go? What is the per-diem rate for that city? Maybe you didn’t worry too much about this, or maybe it was stressful like it was for me.

Now the new way

So I made It automatically extracts my job details from mtvg portal (and it can for other employees too) then stores this for handy use. It also pulls job info from, for freelancers. Or job data from LDM Worldwide crewer, by sending in the sign-out pages that they provide. Each day I’m on where there is a job, it automatically generates an invoice line item for that job, proper job number, and enters the city with the per-diem rate automatically. If I stay past 10 hours, I do update the job detail info with the end time, and the overtime rate is calculated automatically and a new invoice line is added. Oh, and the day before a job if its NOT in my home city; it makes a travel day invoice line for that too. Along with the site is, so I send receipts to THAT email, and it captures the receipt. Reads it for the handy data; date, amount, type of expense (IE: gas, hotel, car, whatever). It will create a separate list of expense items and match job numbers and date with the receipt data, so there is a list of up-to-date expenses ready to bundle and send once I’m done with the job. Multiple days, expenses, and different cities? It sorts all that out and matches everything accordingly.

If you have any suggestions or requests for a similar app, send me a message or post a comment here. I can always add more cool stuff to it and make it better!

Jay² Solutions, now up and running

I now have formally started doing business as Jay Squared Solutions, INC. For purposes of freelance production, video, tech manager, EIC, and software solutions provider.
Software solutions, currently for the following industries and tasks:
Automation for setting up shows in a production environment.
AI- Enginner asks within a production environment: router control, item renaming, help finding things, among other stuff.

Autonomous expense gathering/ submitting and invoicing for business travelers.

Automated logistics and coordination of assets within organization (TV truck scheduling and personnel), or similar industries.

Automated stock market trading

Automated calendar synchronization

Automated data comparison/ analysis

Other solutions to come very soon

New software coming soon

In the past year I have built some great tools for simplifying and automating tasks, that make work and scheduling a much simpler process for everyone.

Don’t have a secretary or schedule manager? Now you don’t have to.
Automate gathering your projects or schedule data from your organization to integrate with an existing calendar system, easily and efficiently.

Time consuming task of sorting expenses and properly invoicing? Do you have trouble submitting expenses on time? Have them sent and sorted the second you complete the transaction. Easily automate the process from your PC or our simple mobile app.

Specialized: TV production EIC project automates the process of configuring a router, supplemental tally system (naming of sources) and provide matching paperwork all from one simple list. (demo coming soon…)